• Breathe Easy

    Breathe easy

    Part of why we all love using our computing devices in public spaces is the atmosphere, be it a coffee shop or university lawn. It helps us focus on our work. We shouldn't have to be concerned about the network security implications of working on a public WiFi connection.

  • Awarness in the Untrusted

    Awareness in the untrusted

    Even with the strong security of macOS, an untrusted network can be a dangerous place. 4Shadow lets you know when a network security threat may be present and instructs you on how to best protect yourself.

  • Complement Existing Protection

    Complement existing protection

    4Shadow helps keep you safe without interfering with the robust security features of macOS and any additional security software you may already have. Detection settings are fully customizable to allow you complete flexibility.

Protect your computer and data from network threats

4Shadow notifies you when any of the following threats are detected.


Remote Login Attempts

Attackers may try to guess your computer password and gain remote access to your system and documents.


Network Poisoning

Also known as "Man in the Middle" attacks, the network can be taken over to redirect your connection to an attacker's computer, exposing your passwords and data.


Privilege Escalation

If an attacker manages to gain access to your computer, they will often try to perform actions that require administrator privileges - you will be alerted if this ever happens without your knowledge.


System Misconfigurations

4Shadow will check that security features of macOS are enabled.

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The simple and user friendly intrusion detection system for everyone.

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